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Located in Upper Brickell, Kawel PLLC is a boutique appellate law firm with local focus.

Our paramount concern is the the proper development of the law in favor of deserving people. We accept fewer cases than some other firms, and we believe that the quality of our briefs and argument reflects that choice. 

Our attorneys regularly handle both civil and criminal matters. Our clientele has ranged from international players, like the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua, to hometown people with basic landlord–tenant disputes. Whether sovereign or citizen, each sought our advice in navigating the state and federal court systems.

In Miami, when it comes time to appeal—or to resist an appeal—call Kawel PLLC.

Recent Published Opinion

Sepúlveda v. Westport Recovery Corp., 145 So. 3d 162 (Fla. 3d DCA 2014) (granting petition for second-tier certiorari).

Some Current Matters

  • Merchant v. State of Florida, the direct appeal of a first-degree murder conviction in Miami. Main issue: double jeopardy.
  • Villa Lyan, Inc. v. Perez, a response to a petition for second-tier certiorari in a wage-theft case under the Miami–Dade county ordinance.
  • McClung et al. v. Estevez, a series of almost ten appellate matters in defense of a landlord–tenant victory in Miami.
  • Various trial-level matters: real-estate disputes; personal injury claims; commercial litigation.

Noteworthy Past Matters

  • Assisted the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua in defeating a multimillion-dollar federal claim.
  • Represented Florida Justice Association as amicus curiæ in support of a multimillion-dollar verdict.
  • Represented National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers as amicus curiæ in a bellwether confidential-informant case, helping to vacate the drug conviction and obtain a new trial.
  • Helped several criminal defendants obtain below-guidelines or bottom-of-guidelines sentences in United States district courts.